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I's nawt gud postr

I realise that lately, I've not been updating my LJ a lot. Not a lot has been happening that's exciting. I've been a lurking fiend.

I do have some news, but I'm not sure how totally awesome anyone might consider them.

I paid off one of my credit cards again! With the money I got from my FSA for the eye surgeries, I put it on the one with the most ways of screwing me. I put a big payment on the other.

Tuesday, I didn't go to work because of a migrane that wouldn't go away. About 2am, I woke up and couldn't clear the vision in my left eye, even with eyedrops (but my head was feeling much better). I contacted the opthamologist on call and saw her the next morning. It was just really dry. She gave me some ointment to moisturise my corneas while I sleep. I went home, used them, went back to sleep, and woke up to fine vision in both eyes. No big deal, it seems, but I wasn't taking any chances. Here at work, it's very dry dealing with all this paper, so I'm putting drops in quite often.

I don't think I posted about it, but Shimoyake of Terenas is level 70 as of a few weeks back and loves to fly. Also, her equipment is coordinated for the first time since... ever. I went to Kara with the guild (I was a latecomer) and got to Friendly with the Violet Eye. I'm also working on getting Shikigami to Outland to heal. She dinged 54 last night. Big thanks to Dunar for destroying Un'Goro with for me.

P got a new car! A Chevy Aveo. Good mileage, roomy, inexpensive. I was looking at the specs and the price and thought about getting one myself, but Tink's not even at 80k yet, and I don't want a new loan or the cost of the C&C insurance. It's sure shiny, though.

I went to the doctor and got all my bloodwork done. Good news: almost all my tests were within normal range. My RBCs are overly packed with HGB, though, but it's nothing bad or extreme. Bad news: the tests are covered only after deductable. >.< That's $400+ I didn't expect to spend. Ah, well, at least I know I'm healthy, certifiably.

The new Doctor Who Series 3 premiered Saturday. Squee! Martha's no Rose, but she's dash smart!

If you've made it this far, I shall reward you with a merciful death by CUTENESS!!! Koneko to keito!!

Thank you, caturday. =^v^=