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Try to rescue someone from attackers...

...and laughter is my reward. :[

I was replying to some comments from today in my room here on the 3rd floor, and I think I here screaming and yelling from downstairs. "Is Patti screaming?" I asked myself. "Nah." Then I hear it again. So I grab my self defense weapon off the shelf and go downstairs. Before I see anything, I hear laughter. Ohhhhh. Ben's mom was coming over tonight and I forgot. So I march into the kitchen brandishing my 36" sword with the skulls. "I thought you were being attacked," said I. Patti replies, "No, we just haven't seen each other in a while and... what are you carrying?" Laughter. "Well, I don't have a gun..."

:P Well, at least nothing terrible was really happening.
Tags: defending, sword
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