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GenCon / Pinkeye

Go GenCon! Rah! Rah! Rah!
kyrielle will get a kick out of this. The NY Jets (that's a football (American football, not soccer) team) are playing the Indianapolis team (anyone?) this weekend and have been unable to procure nearby hotel rooms due to GenCon happening at the same time. Evidently six months was not enough advance warning for them to work it into their itinerary.
(THURS) Indy's largest 2004 convention starts today. Gen Con is back for its colorful 
four-day run. Measured by economic standards, the gaming enthusiasts coming into 
Indianapolis right now by the thousands have sold out the downtown, have forced the 
New York Jets to the northside to find hotel space for their NFL exhibition game 
Saturday, and will drop more into the city in direct visitor spending than any other 
single event this year in Indianapolis. The Indiana Convention & RCA Dome will host 
some 30,000 attendees who are projected to spend $35,910,000 -- more than the cash 
spent from the city hosting an NCAA Final Four men's basketball tournament. Gen Con 
is the quintessential "battleground" for all types of gaming, for all ages. Attendees 
can participate in card games, board games, roleplaying games, live-action role-
playing games, miniatures, computer games, and more. The four days are full of plenty 
of hobby-related events as well.

Geeks: 1, Jocks: 0
Roll Again!


No, not me. Ares has it in his left eye. Poor kitty. :( It's all puffy and crusty. It's hard enough to view a cat's sclera when their eyes aren't infected. I've been giving him sulfa drops that I still have from the last time I had it. He hates that. I'm expecting to get bitten sometime before he's better.


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Aug. 23rd, 2004 05:55 pm (UTC)
*grins* Oh yeah. That was hysterical - thre were rumors of it (somewhat exaggerated, as far as distance away from the dome) flying about the con, too. It was good for a definie giggle, as was watching the sidewalk when I went across to the Crown Plaza for my Saturday evening seminar (which was good for gaming stories and otherwise useless, but filled an hour). The folks with Gencon badges outweighed the rest, even with the game due to start shortly. The folks who were trying to acquire tickets had already learned to recognize the Gencon badge and, except for looks of annoyance, not to ask the folks wearing one for a ticket.

Poor Ares. :( Hope it is better soon.
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