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JavaScript is my bane!

I've been learning a lot in the last few weeks. I completed my first ASL course, and then I thought, hey, I'm gonna learn how to write up forms in HTML. Then I found out you can use JavaScript to change the value of fields, and I thought, mmm, wouldn't that be fun to learn. I could write a Javascript into the HTML of a form and make a scorekeeper for 14.1 Straight Pool. Last Saturday, I sat on the couch, looking up tutorials and how-to's, etc. I started writing the code. I looked at my watch and it was 5:30am. I thought, well, might as well finish. Patti came out at 7am and asked if I'd stayed up all night. Yes, I had, but I had a functional version! It's actually on my GeoCities site here. Please don't tell me how many terribly wrong things there are. I knew, I know, I have worked and am working on it. It's now about 3am on this Saturday Night. I'm uploading my most current version so you can see how much nicer it is. I still need to write the script for a third consecutive foul and there's no forcing of a number on the winscore prompt, but I am going to sleep now, before dawn. I have a get-together I'm attending tomorrow. Oh, the bane part?

if (x = 0)

doesn't jive. It took me 45 minutes before I remembered that in an expression, I need the extra = to make it say "is equal to":

if (x == 0)

Yes, we're all mad here.
Tags: html, javascript, pool

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