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Saturday - Shopping, Wedding, Reception

I finally got done reading all the Friends posts I'd missed. Well, skimmed is more like it. Now for a monster post of my own. Oooh! Tags! How nice. :)

Shopping / Wedding / Reception


Saturday— the Shopping
I went to the mall and got all niced for the wedding. I got some dangly butterfly earrings and a gaudy butterfly ring at Hot Topic. Then I went to Village Imports (that Indian clothing store that used to be in Old Cap), and got this wonderful skirt (burgundy to match the hair) and top (black to match, well, everything). Then the nail salon across the way was having a special— $30 Full Set for $20. I got this color that's a sorta iridescent plum; now my nails are all clicky! :) I still haven't quite gotten used to typing with them, so there's a lot of use on my backspace key. We'll see if I get them filled in a few weeks or if I Dremel them off like last time. ;)


Saturday— the Wedding
We get to the Church at 6:30pm (it starts at 7:30) so that Patti can take some photos and get everything set up. The groom's dad brought his laptop to play the music from, but the external hard drive failed. So Drew and everyone was scrambling to find the CDs. The had the preamble CD (Dave Matthews live) in his car, but he had to send someone back to the house to get the Beatles CD, the one with the procession song, "In My Life." There was also the exit music, "Maybe I'm Amazed" by Paul McCartney, but that wasn't on the Beatles CD, so we had to improvise. I found "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da" on track 15, which worked out really well. I did get the Beatles version of "In My Life" and burned the CD with all the different versions. The Wedding was short, but incredibly beautiful. Brittney was gorgeous. Her dress had a lot of scarlett embroidering on the train and corset parts, probably the most beautiful dress I've ever seen. There was a short prayer. The convocation was a reading from "The Prophet" by Khalil Gibran. Then Drew and Brittney read their own vows. Both were crying. Alicia, Brittney's sister and maid of honor, was bawling. Yeah, me, too. Oh, a good piece of advice to anyone who wants to read their own vows at their wedding: Write in large block letters so you can read through the tears! ;) Rings were exchanged. Then when everyone had greeted the newlyweds, we threw cracked birdseed at them (in lieu of rice). Then, the fireworks. Not a couple of bottle rockets, mind you, but a 18"x24" box of Jaycees-Fourth-of-July-display-worthy fireworks. It lasted over 3 minutes! Then the white stretch limo pulls up an takes away the wedding party. Oh, it was possibly the best wedding I've been to. (No offense, Mindy.)


Saturday— the Reception
...at the Eagles Lodge. There were toasts and dancing. There was a collection for the bride to smash cake in the groom's face. They both got it, and Brittney had it up her nose. The garter shot didn't work so well. Drew kept shooting it at Brittney, but fourth time's the charm, the Best Man got it and used it as a headband. The bouquet toss was better. Brittney was aware of the fans, so missed them. Three of the bridesmaids grabbed on to it and wouldn't let go. They tossed each other around and down to the floor, ripping it into tiny bits. They each came away with a chunk of it, and one got a knot on her head from hitting the floor. I got a couple of blossoms after the fact. All in all the day was really wonderful for everyone involved.
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