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TV and the Weather

Well, the other night, Bambi was on ABC, and I TiVo'd it because I'd never actually seen it. I don't know if you're aware, but in SE IA, the network affiliates have this who-has-the-biggest-dick-type contest going with their weather coverage and how precise their radar is. Whatever. There was a tornado warning covering the entire viewing area and a tornado warning in one county on the west edge of the area with like, 30 people in it (and ten of those are livestock). They interrupted consistently to show the little bits of red on the radar. They did this not during the ample commercial time, but during the actual movie, including the last 5 minutes! So I didn't get to see the ending. I'm going to write a nasty email to KCRG telling them that if I was worried about the weather, I'd watch the fucking Weather Channel or turn on the AM radio. Buddha presumed you were not dumb-asses. I hope that when you die, St. Peter boots you in the head before he reincarnates you as a male black widow spider. Shitheads.
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