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Cold medicine is teh yay!

Still got teh coughing, phlegmy, stuffy-headed yuck. My voice is still not back to normal because of teh said yuck. But I've been taking these überdecongestants and some Tussin I got at work. Mercy staff discount is really nice. $1.17 for a 4 oz. bottle, the kind with expectorant in it. :) If it weren't for the computer on my lap, I'd be floating above the couch.

Co-worker Maria's kids were sick today, so I was alone to do both huge lists, and the ER and floor calls, and the admits. I ate lunch at my desk, and barely finished everything at 4:30. No chance to pre-print for tomorrow's lists. I hope Maria's there in the morning or, as Yoda says, "hosed I will be."

Meh. More Robot Chicken!! I you, Seth Green!!
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