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Almost All Better

This damnable virus is on its last legs, er, receptors. Patti just gave me a super-decongestant to help break up the nasty stuff coming out of my deep throat. I never was good at following directions, and the instructions on the Chloraseptic says spray 5 times; repeat every 2 hours. I spray 2 times about every 10 minutes. For those of you bad at math, that's... hang on, I'm bad at math, too... over 5 times the recommended dosage. I could have watched paint dry and had a good time. The problem is that the file room at work has so much dust and so much paper, that any moisture in the air gets sucked right out of it, so I went through most of my Sunny D in about 3 hours this morning. I've drunk 2 gallons and am well on the way to 3.

Side-note: I can now sign: "I am a vampire. I stay awake all night and sleep all day. I want to drink your blood." Very useful. ;) I can also tell you that I am sick and tired. G'night.
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