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Online Signing Course (Real Post!)

Late Sunday night, I signed up for Signing Online's ASL101 course. I think I'd like to take 102-104 also, and there's a discount if you sign up for multiple courses at the same time. I've finished lessons 1-4 out of 10. I've also picked up a lot of random vocabulary from their dictionary and the ASL Browser at MSU. I think I'd like to practice my ASL with Angelique or Daddy Dave. The language is very expressive and the third most-used in the
US after English and Spanish.

"But, Miranda," you say, "does this fit you budget?" I figure since it's self-improvement and education, I can handle it. I am continuing to put off buying WoW or any of the other MMORPGs out there, perhaps it will reach the point where it's indefinitely. I want to get back into playing DDR, but I'm sick, so bleh, not tonight.

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