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Hitchhiker's was great. I'm glad they left it open, and I hope they continue the story. But last night, I started to get a sore throat, and it only got worse as the evening progressed. This morning it was full-blown laryngitis, head-ache, muscle-aches, and a fever. Thankfully, there's no congestion or vomiting or worse. I went to work (because I don't have the luxury of paid sick time) with my Chloraseptic and got in a couple hours. It was all too much to walk anywhere so I left at 10:15. I got some Sunny D on the way home and spent the day in bed watching TV, reading LJs and sleeping. I've drunk almost the whole 64 oz of Sunny D, and it's really helped to coat my throat. I'm trying not to clear my throat and to talk only in whispers. I've been practicing my signing, but Patti doesn't understand signs unless they're intuitive, so a lot of loud whispering. I'm up in my room again, just trying to get better and hoping all the ibuprofen doesn't shut down my liver. Ugh. Send me healing thoughts, please. I'm open to anyone casting a spell for a quick recovery my way.

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