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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Bruce actually came and recovered the pool table last night! He called Patti about 11am and said he'd be over to do it. About 1pm, Woody came over to fish and hang out. Patti calls Bruce and asks him to bring bait. About 2pm, we decided that we shouldn't wait for Bruce to bring the bait, so Woody and I went to town to get some. After about an hour of totally not getting any bites, the three of us decide to go in. Patti's going to start preparing the feast (as we invited Bruce and Karen to dinner as well), and Woody and I figure we'll play some pool (hoping Murphy's Law will kick in so that Bruce will show up just as we're getting into in... no luck). We have to make a run into town because we have no charcoal. Hooray! I get to give flower76 her present! The ceremony was brief but she really liked her carved soapstone box (although she was confused by the cheese spread box I used to hold it and the aluminum foil I used to wrap it). So after a little more running around like chickens with their heads cut off, we get back and Bruce and Karen have arrived! He's already taken the rails off and started pulling off the old cloth. He showed me how to recover the rails, which is the really hard work. Then Lew, 52, and Tom, 50-something, came over. Lew was trashed and kept getting in my intimate space and, I think, trying to get into some of my other spaces (ick!). He reminds me of part of the reason I stopped drinking: the whole making-an-ass-of-myself thing. We had to keep kicking him out of the pool room for fear he'd break, burn, or spill something. When we got to the slate (which weighs about 315 lb), it was probably a bad idea to let Lew help. Luckily, we got it up without incident. It had to be shifted four times total. Patti got a finger pinched on move 3 and I got one on move 4. Neither was too serious. I lost count of how many times we had to tell, yell at, and scream at Lew to get the hell out of the pool room when he's smoking and drinking. Lew also runs the downtown billiards parlor with the burgundy tables. We spent all night trying to tell him that burgundy, being both partly red and partly purple, is a terrible color to have on a pool table. It is ugly, it causes unneeded eye-strain, it is too monochromatic in reference to the rest of his decor, and the only person he could actually name that likes it is his non-player wife. So we finished the table around 11pm and Bruce and Patti played the inaugural game. I can't believe Bruce couldn't even let his hustle come out and let Patti win the first game on her own table. At least it is done. It is oh-so-nice. :) I may even get to help Bruce recover some other tables around town. That would be a fun job. So, (2-1/2 months belated) happy birthday to Patti!
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