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Extraterrestrial Fair

I watched "Alien Planet" this weekend on Discovery Channel. It's based on the book Expedition by Wayne Barlowe. He was one of the commentators (as was George "Sith Happens" Lucas). I only wish that they'd made it a 2-hour special. edit: snakewich points out it was a 2-hour special, proving I'm retarded. Thanks ;P

Well, I'll get a second hour when NGC airs "Extraterrestrial" at the end of the month. It's a separate but parallel exploration, from the looks of it. I'm so looking forward to it. I Xenobiology. ;) edit: oooOOOooo... two hours, and two planets! (technically one's a moon)

Also, this week (and next) on Discovery, there are three episodes of "The Science of Star Wars" (one's on right now), and Animal Planet is showing the "Star Wars Creatures" on Animal Icons Wednesday night. I watched the first one last night about AI, robotics and bionics. Very cool.

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