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The Chipmunks

The last two days, I had such fun bonding with the cats. I was a co-predator. My boy Ares likes to catch rodents and birds and bring them inside to play with. He's brought three chipmunks in over the last couple of days. It started on Friday (I forgot to include, "No, I didn't suffer any chipmunk-related injuries," in my Friday the 13th entry).

Part I: Alvin
Patty noted that Butch had a chipmunk trapped in the bathroom and the area under the stairs. Occasionally, it would come out of the bathroom, but I couldn't get it out in the open. Somehow, with the help of the cats, I got it into the pool room. This is ideal, because there is nowhere for it to hide that I can't get at it. He would climb up the bamboo shades and then leap when I grabbed for him. (I only had one left-hand leather glove, as I accidentally threw the right-hand one onto the thin ice late last winter... long story). Eventually, I was able to grab this rodent by the tail, where he perched on my hand, seeming almost tame. I opened the bad door to toss him into the great outdoors (underhand and softly). Then I kind of freaked out when he didn't let go. He did actually jump off my glove and run off outside.

Part II: Simon
Winded by my impromptu exercise program, I was telling Patti how much I enjoyed it. It was actually quite fun. The cats thought I'd lost it. I'm walking back to the kitchen when I hear this scrabbling noise in the bookshelves of the pool room. There's another chipmunk! Ares must have brought in a spare. Hooray! More fun! As this one was in the bookshelves, I was moving things trying to reach him. Oh, how cute. He's looking at me. That's it, I'll just take hold of you and... Eek!! He jumps past me, grazing my arm with his little claws, startling me. I chase him around the room and eventually get him trapped at the top of one of the shades. I manage to grab him and put him outside. End the night's chipmunk roundup.

Part III: Theodore
I woke up this morning to, "Miranda, there's another chipmunk in the kitchen!" Joy!!! This one was under the telephone stand in the kitchen. I coaxed him out, and he ran away into the corner behind the table. Three cats and I pinned him in this position, but he made a mad dash across the dart room and under the couch. Patti lifted it, and he ran behind the kitty condo. Then under the bar. I managed to use a broom handle to force him out of there and into the pool room. Now I knew I had him. This chipmunk, however, didn't give up so easily. He'd run up the shades, leap off the top, dash from one end of the room to the other, then try the shades again. I'd grab him, and he'd slip away or bite me (he actually broke the skin on one of my knuckles, but the leather glove protected my hand from dire injury). Finally I grabbed him very firmly and released him into the wild.

The Moral:
"Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys chipmunks."

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