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Userpic of the Day, &c.

sparkly butterfly from qzeeSparkly Butterfly from qzee! Squeeeee!

As for the X-men quizzy, I got Cyclops at 80% and Rogue at 75%, but the flavor text was so terribly written that I couldn't bring myself to put it here. Broken English as a second language, I think. :P

Today was Friday the 13th, and it was actually a really good day. I missed the rain and most of the traffic coming and going. I didn't oversleep, even though my alarm didn't wake me. No power failures out here yet. Patti didn't win big, just another $100 or so, so it looks like I'm free this weekend if anyone is up to do something.

Also, I spent all day yesterday comment-whoring and posting a lot and I only got 2 lousy comments back? :( As Mike Birbiglia says when he's high, "Do you guys hate me?" ;) I love you guys, so give some back, eh?
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