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Delayed Entry

(Written at 00:18 5-6-05)
One thing I love about my laptop is that if the power fails, I can still be on it,
and I won't lose any unsaved data. Thank Volta for batteries. We just had a
brownout, but it was long enough and draining enough to fail a bunch of
electronics. Clocks, fax machines, microwaves, probably Patti's desktop, and oh
yeah, the cable modem and/or router. So I'm typing this up in Notepad and will
post it when I get a chance to reset the internet connection. :( It did help me
get thru my friends list much more quickly because I couldn't browse the comments,
follow any links, or open any lj-cuts (not that there were any). Unfortunately,
this means no comment-whoring for me tonight. G'night.
Oh, BTW, May 5th was Napoleon Bonaparte's death day. I read an article
about the contraversial cause of death in last month's National Geographic.
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