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Movie May!

Wow, a bunch of stuff out and coming out that I want to see. Hitchhiker's, of course. SW: RotS, even though Lucas should have had someone else direct it (not Joel Schumacher, tho). Kung Fu Hustle looks hilarious and actiony at the same time. flower76 said we should see Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and who am I to argue? Brad and Angelina? *drool* Yummy! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Corpse Bride later. Need my Johnny fix. *bats eyelashes* I need more hours in the day. Then I could catch up on my friends' LJs and watch my backlog of movies. Once again, I am faced with the need and desire to become hyperkinetic to the point of not requiring sleep (à la Jordan in Real Genius). Dreams are cool, but ILM can do some amazing stuff, too. :) Wow, that's a lot of IMDb links!

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