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BTW, amherstbelle got the last song on my meme.

DDR GirDDR blue arrowOkay! Tonight, I got to a new level on DDRMax2 Light Endless. Not a great job on combo with 505 max. The awesome news is I got past Xenon at Stage 44 all the way to Stage 53!! The whole time after I got past Xenon, I was thinking, "There aren't that many songs left, sooner or later, I'm going to hit Afronova or Maxx Unlimited and that will be that." I figure Maxx will be last on the list. Afronova I think, I have played three times, and only once on my own system. Take a look at the step chart. It's 200BPM, loads of air, and if I could make it through the first 71 measures (I got thru 15, but the first 6 are blank), there are those green 1/16 notes (1/16 notes occur 0.075 seconds apart at 200BPM. Ack! So I guess I'll have to train it and practice it. I am getting pretty good at the 1/8 notes from all the Standard Mode I've been playing. I've already got AA's on Let's Groove and Put Your Faith in Me. Yeah, that's a tempo change in Let's Groove (not that bad really, it's exactly ½-tempo ;) ). I've also got A's on Dream a Dream, I Need You, Keep on Liftin', Love at First Sight (Kylie!!), and Think Ya Better D (which if I remember right, I got on the first try [sight read]), as well as a few B's and C's. Yay, me!

OMG! I am becoming a DDR freak! Well, at least I'll have company tomorrow. :)

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