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This is Pun-ishment for being bad

Part the first:
There was a contest among mad scientists around the world to cause as much destruction as possible by using something most people think of as mostly harmless, the average Felis domesticus. The winning mad scientist made southwestern California fall into the Pacific Ocean by using only the anus of a single kitty. What did he win?

A cat-ass trophy.

Part the second:
One mad scientist was disqualified for adding birds to the mix. He created a mechanical feline that would lob chickens at a target. He destroyed KFC headquarters with it. What did he call it?

A cat-a-poultry.

Part the third:
Another mad scientist was disqualified for adding humans to the mix. (What?? They're mad scientists...) He took litterbox leavings and human excrement and utterly destroyed an Asian capital. Which city did he wipe from the earth?


*dodges chickens*
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