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Updated my DDR Stage

DDR blue arrowDDR red arrowOn Wednesday, I went to Office Depot and got some 11"x17" paper. I couldn't find anywhere to buy them by the sheet (I thought of Dick Blick afterwards) so a whole ream of this monster paper I had. I put it in Patti's new printer last night and printed out the DDR arrows for my stage, took the stage apart and installed the new graphics. It looks so much better. I should take a pic of the finished product and put it up later. Anyway, so I had to recalibrate the screws in the stage because if they aren't the right tension it can give hits, freezes, or misses where they aren't supposed to be, like how the right arrow got stuck when stepping on non-button areas of the stage. :( I got it working perfectly again, but lost track of time as I put it through the paces. It was 1:30 when I stopped. That's 2½ hours I put in. That makes up for not doing any on Tuesday night. ;) Buy the time I got to sleep it was after 2am, close to 2:30. :P I'm bad. And it's 4:17am now, so now I'm worse. G'night, or g'morning, depending on your POV.
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