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Mood Icon Set / Cans & Bottles / DDR

Mood Icon Set
So I finally got fed up with the little grey kitties not being emotive enough. I went with the li'l goth girl. I'd say, "Hooray," but I'm not a conformist. *flips hair* ;|

I've got a car full of cans and bottles to return for deposits. No, really, my car is full. There're also a couple bags of cloths for Goodwill, but there's no room behind the front seats for more. I'm gonna go to Hy-Vee in a few minutes and get lots of money for my trouble.

DDRThe other night, I played DDRMAX2 Endless Light and got 883 Max Combo, my #2 score in that department. I tripped up on Hysteria. Literally! I fell and almost hurt hurt myself. I was pissed. Gr. Well, I'm about done with work. Pool league tonight.
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