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Red Hair!

Cardinal FeriaTouched up my color, something a little brighter than last time. Cardinal Feria!
Tip: To get hair color off of skin, use a product with salicylic (hydroxybenzoic) acid. This includes most acne pads. (Something I learned by coincidence.)
It looks really nice, but I didn't notice that I had a little gob of it fall onto my right eyebrow. Don't panic! I'm not blind. I just have a 7mm space in my eyebrow that's bright red. I told Patti I'm gonna hafta shave them off and start over. ;D Patti thinks I'm weird sometimes. She has a hard time telling when I'm joking. Now, if I'd really intended to just shave off my eyebrows, I had plenty of chance to do that before I ever told her. Also, to those of you who thought I meant it, please note the search for gullible at dictionary.com returns "No entry found for gullible."

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