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Toilet Humor

As many of you know from esotericbeccums' entry, yesterday was Poop for Peace Day. You may have participated and not even known. Please, fill out her poll about participation.

Over the course of the day, I came up with these slogans. Maybe they'll be used for bumper stickers next 4/15.

"Give a Shit. Take a Shit. Poop for Peace."

"Don't stand up for peace, sit down for peace. Poop for Peace."

"The #2 day for activism. Poop for Peace."

"Birds do it. Bees do it. Even educated fleas do it. Poop for Peace."

"IRS giving it to you in the ass? Give them a refund! Poop for Peace."

"Accept this bran muffin in the name of brotherly love. Poop for Peace."

"A-sewage your fear for the world. Poop for Peace." (punny)

"Join all the other assholes! Poop for Peace."

"It takes guts to choose peace. Poop for Peace."

...and my personal favorite (it's subtle):
"Join the Movement! Poop for Peace."

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