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More Quiz Results

Movie Quiz

I do love the smell of napalm in the morning...


Famous Leader Quiz

Crap. I suck.


Pervert Quiz
Take the quiz: "What Kind of Pervert are You?"

The Seductive Pervert
The Seductive Pervert: You are The Seductive Pervert, you don't have to try! You use only your body and sexual ways to lure someone in an endless dream of sexual fantasies. Although you may use toys, you have your desires, you seem to know what gets to them, you even know their soft spots, woah, wouldn't matter if they had first met you or not! Your ways are unbelievable and quite sensual, you could probably lay anyone you wanted with the way you speak, move, or just motion. Just don't test your abilities on yourself, you might find yourself attracted to even your own body. Let's try attracting another person instead. Hehe!

Oooh, yeah, that's better. ;)


Weasel Quiz
Your weasel is the Domestic Ferret!
Your weasel is the Domestic Ferret. You're cute,
you're playful, you're mischevious, you love
being at home with people. An ambasador of
Good news: You're the weasel everyone wants. Your
good house manners, brought about by thousands
of years of genetic seletion, make you housepet
and weasel about town.
Bad news: People STILL think you're a wild animal.
You're not! You're a sucky wimp, okay?

Which weasel are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh, how cute I am. Keee-ute!


To sum up today's quizzes, I am a seductive soldier in the Nazi ferret brigade.

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