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Weather / Snake / Room / Mood Icons

Weather / Snake / Room / Mood Icons
It's a beautiful day today. I finally get to gloat about the weather here to someone who actually has shittier weather! \o/


This morning, I thought there was a big rubber band on the kitchen floor and Spot was sniffing at it. I shoo'd her away to make sure she didn't eat it, because, y'know... But, no! It wasn't a rubber band, but a small grass snake! Eee! (That's "Eee!" in delight; I'm not afraid of snakes.) The snake wasn't injured at all, so I think it found its own way into the house. I picked it up by the tail, and Patti told me to put it outside. I asked if I could keep it; the reply was a resounding "NO!" I was j/k anyway. It would surely die in my care. It was about 10" long. I released it in the leaves and grass and it quickly disappeared.


I've also taken some pix of my messy, messy room. I did say that I was going to post before and after pix, but after looking at these, I may not do the before. It's so embarrassing! *blush* I'm afraid of what this might do to the local landfill capacity... :[ Oh, I'd better get going on it again. :6 "We're gonna need a bigger dustbin."


Mood Icons
Oh, also, I'm thinking of switching my mood icon set, as this little grey kitty doesn't have a lot of variety. Later, tho.
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