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Room of Doom!

I'm going to try to clean my room today. I've been neglecting it since, well, since I moved in. I'm going to throw away or give away a lot of stuff. Maybe sell some of it on eBay, as per jaka_talbot's suggestion. I already cleaned out my car and got all the cans and bottles from in and around the house ready to take back for refunding. I didn't count, but there are a lot of returnables. *whistles* I think I'll post before and after and maybe during pix of the room. It's kind of embarassing how cluttered it is. At least it doesn't smell like hamster. ;P How do I accumulate so much useless crap? *sigh* Well, I'm kinda wiped from the car, cans, and bottles. Patti had me doing some stuff this morning, too. On top all that, there was the sinus headache I had to recover from when I woke up. :6 I'm gonna lay down for a little while.
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