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I just had to take these, to honor people like esotericbeccums who remind me that not all religiosos are zealots, and not all spiritual beliefs are insane.

What's Your Spiritual Type?
Score: 40/100, Active Spiritual Seeker – Spiritual but turned off by organized religion. (I didn't think I'd score so high.)
(This is on the cusp of Spiritual Dabbler -- Open to spiritual matters but far from impressed.)


The top score on the list below represents the faith that Belief-O-Matic, in its less than infinite wisdom, thinks most closely matches your beliefs. However, even a score of 100% does not mean that your views are all shared by this faith, or vice versa.

Belief-O-Matic then lists another 26 faiths in order of how much they have in common with your professed beliefs. The higher a faith appears on this list, the more closely it aligns with your thinking.

1. Unitarian Universalism (100%, I'm in league with Klemmewinks!)
2. Liberal Quakers (87%)
3. Neo-Pagan (85%)
4. Theravada Buddhism (84%)
5. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (82%)
6. Secular Humanism (81%)
7. New Age (73%)
8. Mahayana Buddhism (67%)
9. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (55%)
10. Taoism (53%)
11. Nontheist (51%)
12. Reform Judaism (51%)
13. Bahá'í Faith (49%)
14. New Thought (49%)
15. Scientology (47%)
16. Orthodox Quaker (45%)
17. Sikhism (45%)
18. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (44%)
19. Jainism (43%)
20. Hinduism (40%)
21. Jehovah's Witness (36%)
22. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (31%)
23. Seventh Day Adventist (20%)
24. Orthodox Judaism (17%)
25. Islam (14%)
26. Eastern Orthodox (9%)
27. Roman Catholic (9%)


What Kind of Christian Are You?
Score: 114 (also in league with Klemmiwinks!)
This was weird because as a recovering Baptist/Methodist, I was guessing at most of the answers when "None of the above wasn't available.
Bishop Spong Christian
(a.k.a. "Biblical Revisionist")

You think the Bible is a powerful metaphorical narrative and believe that Jesus was a heroic figure similar to Gandhi. You believe in God as a loving creator and that She will forgive you for just about anything. You're willing to admit that you don't believe in the resurrection. You go to church for the sense of community and the music and because you like to hector your fellow Christians about their backward ways. You read Toni Morrison, Elaine Pagels, and Bishop Spong, the controversial Episcopalian prelate. You enjoyed the "The Da Vinci Code" as a thriller and found its ideas about Christian history thought-provoking, if not always historically accurate. Though you probably didn't see it, you're sure that "The Passion of the Christ" presented an utterly backward version of Christianity. You ardently support gay rights and feel guilty that you yourself are not gay. (If you are gay, you're in a loving, committed relationship). You live in a leafy university town, order Chai at the local coffee house (never Starbucks), and subscribe to The New Yorker. You watch TV so you can talk disdainfully about how bad TV is. You give to charity, preferring the local homeless shelter to those bureaucratic national charities. For you, the crux of Christianity is Jesus' revolutionary message of empowering "the least of these."
Not terribly accurate, I'm afraid.

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