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More Pool, aka I'm in the money!

PoolWow, what a day! :)

I started out at my 9:00am match tired. I showed up early and decided to warm up a little. My opponent shows up and we decide to get started right away. Tiredness can actually work to my advantage. I don't get what ladypentacles calls "monkey brain," overthinking, overanalyzing things. I started out with a couple of wins. One was almost a break and run! I did only give her one chance at the table. It was great. Then she won one, I won one, and she won another. That rack #5 was a long game. I played a lot of safeties, maybe 15 or twenty. In the end, I thought I could get out, but I messed it up. Rack 6, I won handily, taking the match 4-2.

My next match wasn't until 1:30. I was playing against a girl in her early 20's. She seemed really nervous, and I was feeling very confident after my victory earlier. I was playing okay, and my safety play was really flustering her. I won the first three and then when on the easy money ball thought, "if I sink this, I'm in the money." Bam, missed. She took this rack, but then I just took my time and ran out the next rack in two innings. Victory to me 4-1!

I was watching the rest of Karen's match, because if she won, we'd play each other. This tall, lithe girl was in deadstroke and beat Karen 4-0. So then I get to play against this girl, Leah. On my first break, I scratched, so she gets the ball in hand. BCA rules state that on the shot immediately following the break, any ball in hand in from behind the headstring. She sat it down just outside and shot into the kitchen. I called the foul, and her cheering section hollered, "You have to warn her!" I stated that it is the player's responsibility to know the rules. They went and asked a ref and yes, I was right. She still won the first three racks. My safeties weren't up to snuff to help me win. I did take rack #4, which made me feel better. She ran out rack #5 to win 4-1.

Afterward, I congratulated her and her mentor told me that she had only started playing pool this last session, that she only had played enough weeks to qualify for State, and she knew nothing about defense until last week. I was amazed! I'd never seen a novice shoot like that. I felt a little bad about the whole headstring thing. I had no idea that she was new to the game. I don't know, maybe they were having me on as an April Fool's joke.

Anyway, overall, I place in 49th-64th place in a field of 208 (top 25%!), and I won the huge amount of $35, which covered my entry fee of $30. This was my best singles showing ever. Hooray!! :D It gives me the incentive to practice hard to prepare for next year so I can place even higher.

Thank you all for the well-wishing and good luck. We'll be starting our team play at 9:00am tomorrow, so it's an early morning wake-up call. Good night!

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