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Pool Tourney :)

PoolWell, I showed up for my 10:30 match, and I was rarin' to go! I took a few warm-up racks in, and 10:30 rolls around. No competition... literally. I march on up to the announcer's table and tell them my opponent is missing. They page her on the overhead, and a couple minutes later, one of her team members comes up and says she's a forfeit. She had a medical emergency and had to leave. I hope everything will be okay. The thing is, this gets me to the next day and I now finish in the top 100 in a 256-player bracket. Kinda funny, now my motivation is to win the next two matches, because if Karen (our league secretary/treasurer, and good friend to me) wins her next match tomorrow afternoon, and I win my two, we get to play each other. That'd be fun! So I have my next match at 9am. I need to get some sleep. Keep the good luck a-comin'! (but this time, I'd like to win by playing instead of by default, y'know, "an it harm none" and all...)


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Apr. 1st, 2005 08:26 am (UTC)
Well...gee. This time just hide the little flashing LED that indicates Mandykickass mode is engaged. No sense in spooking the competition off. But good luck!
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