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  • Mon, 19:24: Yesterday, I had call. 24 hrs where I could be called for a case. I got 6 cases in 4 callbacks for 13 hrs. I got 18400 steps in, too.
  • Mon, 23:22: ...for better, for richer, in health, until your suspicious yet unprosecutable death do us part. #BadWeddingVows @midnight
  • Mon, 23:27: Hang on, there, Padre. What do you mean by *lawfully* wedded? #BadWeddingVows @midnight
  • Tue, 08:04: Hooray! Check engine light is only a software update. Not sure how that works, but $40 is way better than I was expecting.
  • Tue, 08:09: Avery Brooks is a fantastic narrator. This is a book everyone should hear. https://t.co/ALtcCQmgu9
  • Tue, 08:10: Seeing magazine covers from before @Caitlyn_Jenner's Vanity Fair issue, I have to check the date to make sure they're not misgendering her.
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