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Real Li'l Update

So it wan't the fuel pump, just the timing belt. Poor Patti's truck. It should be fixed tomorrow afternoon.

Ares loves his antibiotics! It took both of us to get them in his mouth tonight. He was, um, not happy is putting it mildly. It's that pink amoxicillin that looks like a strawberry shake. Only 6 more doses, yay. He was perfectly normal this morning, in that the anasthetic had completely worn off. He's even been putting weight on that paw. I expect he'll figure out that limping initiates a sympathy response and will milk it for all it's worth. I'll know that for sure when he starts limping with the wrong paw. ;)

Tomorrow is Sci-Fi Friday. Parts 2 of the Stargate finales, and Part 1 of the Battlestar Galactica finale. I know a certain high priestess who is looking forward to it, too.

I'm going to play DDR here in a minute. See if I can break 1000 Combo...
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