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Bruce / Present / Fish / Pool

Bruce's Evil Computer
Bruce called me over again for computer problems. His ethernet card stopped working and the drivers wouldn't reinstall. I finally took it out of it's PCI slot and put it in a different one. Bam! It works fine. I say there is something just not right about that system of his. It's a Frankenputer: it has a fast processor and loads of memory paired with a slow-access drive and only two USB ports. It seems to be made out of spare parts. After the NIC started working, the DSL connection kept cutting in and out. His ISP says there's nothing wrong on their end: he is on for 4 minutes, then off for 2, then on for 10 more, then off... (duh, because his connection is F4C8ED up [I like swearing in hex :) ]). They did send a guy over to diag the DSL modem and everything and they replaced a bunch of stuff, so hopefully Bruce won't call about that again. He really owes me favors, but he won't come through on the one thing I've wanted for the last three months: recover Patti's pool table as my birthday present to her (Patti turned 52 on May 31). I'm boycotting his computer until it is done.


Present from Chicago Art Fair
Patti got me a beautiful, double-matted ,limited-edition photograph of a snow-covered mountain lynx from a wildlife and landscape photographer by the name of Ronald A. Grobert. His company is called RAG Photography. The piece is wonderfully done and I'm very happy. :) I wish he had a website to link to.


Go Fish!
I went out fishing for a little while off the dock today. I netted some minnows out of the branches by the dock to use as bait. I had my super-cool $13 rod and had cast that out a few times to no avail. Then I remembered that you can have two lines in the water at once. I took the found rod (the one with only two loops and the reel that was filled with dirt and ants when I found it). It still had part of a day-glo orange wormy rubber bait on the hook. I left that on and put a minnow on with it. I cast it (which is difficult because the rod is so short), set the line and put it down to check the other rod when Patti's Dale said I had a hit! I set the hook and reeled in my first fish since a was a kid. It was a 7" bluegill, and it had swallowed the hook pretty far down, but I managed to use needlenose pliers and remove it to release the fish mostly unharmed. Swim, swim like the wind, little fishy! Be free!


Pool League
I blew a perfect match, argh! I had perfect position on the 8 and missed, then given another chance, missed again! I didn't choke, I just missed. *shrug* Vicki pocketed her 5-ball and the 8 to get her 3 & 0. Score: 27/30. Team won 2, lost 2.
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