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  • Wed, 13:07: When I get frustrated, I get angry, then I get frustrated with myself for being angry, and it feeds back,then I get depressed. #frustrated
  • Wed, 13:40: Spamsluts need to stop faving my mental health issues.
  • Wed, 14:03: With this fucking cough, I want to just die, and then come back to life two days later, like that guy in that book.
  • Wed, 22:49: TFW you look at your upcoming finances and are not impressed, but then find some money that makes it a little letter.
  • Thu, 00:09: If you feel you must fly this flag, please do; it's a silent signal to others that you are a racist fuckwad. https://t.co/4NeexwnFSH
  • Thu, 00:33: Better quality, longer version here: https://t.co/PpW4AAFC7w https://t.co/GTAUQaTpuN
  • Thu, 00:42: So I just posted that video of @Caitlyn_Jenner's ESPY speech to my Facebook. It's the closest I've come to outing myself to coworkers.
  • Thu, 01:22: I found this: http://t.co/kNrCF46ojw and played the lottery once a week for 1,000 years and never broke even in a given decade.
  • Thu, 10:25: I am so tempted to just lose my temper and go off on my petulant coworker, but I am a good girl. #namaste #peacebewithyou #goosfraba 😠➡😏
  • Thu, 10:32: RT @girl_void: relatable trans feel: not being able to choose a last name for yr game characters bc you already used yr go-to name on yours…
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