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Ok, the biggest problem I have with DDR is that it is addictive— too addictive. I've just finished playing it for about, oh, 2½ hours straight. On the good side, I got on Endless Light a 672 Max Combo, not a record, but still good by my standards. In fact I was so thrilled that I was over 600, that I wasn't paying enough attention when "In the Navy" came on and when I missed the second set of 1/8 notes, I almost fell completely off the stage. Not good by any standards. Anyway, so I went to try out some of the Nonstop mixes, and managed a Full 408 Combo on "Feel Emotion," which is "Days Go By"/"Take Me Away"/"Love at First Sight" all Light. I got 305 Perfect/83 Good/64 OK. Bam! AA rating! I also have been trying some of the Standard mode songs, and I've got "Love at First Sight" and "Kind Lady" down pretty well. Oh, and I got a Full 145 Combo on "Put Your Faith in Me" Standard. I got a lot of new records tonight. I'm thrilled, but it's now 1am, I'm drenched in sweat— actually I'm covered with the nasty stuff from when one was drenched with sweat but it has since dried which is even yuckier ;P — and I still have to shower before getting to bed. Wake up call at 6:20am! :6 Doesn't having a job rock? But overall, check my mood! It's always great after I get done Dance Dance Revolving(??). ;D
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