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QUIZ! / Shows that don't have denouement / Site of the Day

Is that like a Redcap?

What Sort of Hat Are You? I am a Redhat.I am a Redhat.

I'm too much of a geek to be a genuine hat of any sort. I was hoping my result would be 'white-hat' or 'black-hat', and am disappointed that those results weren't even available. I probably think the cup-holder story is funny. What Sort of Hat Are You?

What is it with some of the shows I'm watching recently?

About a month ago, I watched The Ninth Gate, because it has Johnny Depp (purrrr...) and it's about desperately seeking Satan. If you haven't seen it, it has one of those endings where you're not quite sure what really happened, like in Total Recall where you aren't sure if he's in real reality or lobotomized, in-his-own-mind reality.

So tonight, I'm watching the finale of "The 4400." Shawn goes to conniving Collier's suburb, Lily and Richard are having their child who Collier has vowed to steal, and Maia assured Diana and Tom that somebody was coming who'd make everything alright. Assumeably, that was the future-guy that possessed Kyle, but his conversation with Tom was stopped short by that DC HomeSec guy's bullet. So I'm left thinking there has to be another episode, but no.

Then, while trying to let that go, I watch "The Dead Zone" episode "Cycle of Violence." Johnny sees a school shooting and has to keep it from happening. Ok, he figures out who the shooter is and stops the events that make him a shooter from happening, but the guards go all trigger-happy and shoot Derek, the good kid making statements about the martial law atmosphere of the newly secured school. Johnny can't get there in time to stop this and the principal is calling 911. We don't know if Derek lives or dies or ends up in a coma that gives him a dead zone, too. I read the synopsis, and at the end it says he was killed, however another link to .an article in the Bangor Daily News says that he was rushed to the hospital and will make a full recovery. Even the network that makes the show can't decide what happened. I'll take the happy ending, I guess.

It's frustrating. If you were reading a story and the last chapter was, or I started journaling without using, you'd get, too. Yeah, like that I'd at least like an "everyone lived happily ever after" or "everyone died horrible, fiery deaths."

Argh. TV sucks. Sometimes.

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While trying to find the correct spelling of denouement, I found this great site. I've bookmarked it and will continue reading it at my leisure. It is a satirical parody of Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey entitled The Bushiad and The Idyossey. I've read only the foreword and the first chapter, but the writing is very well done. Kudos to Victor Littlebear.

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