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Vernal Equinox

Hooray! Spring is officially here! :D

It's a beautiful day here out at the lake. I decided to go out on the dock and read a bit. I got about two pages before I realized it is a lot cooler than I'd originally thought. It's a clear, sunny day, with little wind— maybe gusts of 3-5 mph— but the temperature is only about 45°F. Nice enough for this time of year, but not great for sitting in for long periods. I do bid welcome the longer days, and farewell to the longer nights, Goodbye to Orion, and hello to Scorpius. The whole week is supposed to be highs in the 40-50 range. (Shut it, capnbuckle. ;) ) I may go for a hike through the woods later, bundle up a little bit and wear some heavier boots. I have felt my mood get lighter as the days do so. I'm not a winter person. I appreciate the need for and the duality of winter and summer, but as with good and evil, I know the side I prefer to be on. On Friday, on my way to my car, it was raining and cool. It was the perfect everything for a rain. It was not raining hard enough to be soaking or uncomfortable, yet not so light that one'd call it a sprinkle. The temperature of the air and the water was cool enough to evoke a shiver, but only to the unprotected. There was that earthy, loamy smell in the air, but not the stench of dead earthworms on the sidewalk, as they haven't emerged yet. The sky was overcast, but bright enough so as not to be dreary. I don't know if I've ever experienced a late-winter/early-spring rain so perfect to lighten my mood. I felt just happiness wash over me as I strolled through it all.

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