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Yes, that's really ironic...

I was just washing up some dishes in the sink, or rather, in the pot. The water was murky from the soaking, so I stuck my hands in and felt a sharp edge on the side of my hand. I thought I'd cut myslef on a hidden knife. I pull my hand out and it isn't bleeding. I go back in and find the culprit, a spoon. Not a Marriott spoon, obviously; my hand was still attached. It did remind me of how we always used the spoons to cut the steaks and such because they were sharper than the knives. I told Patti, and also said that Alanis' line about "10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife" is actually more ironic than Ms. Morissette knows, because she thinks a spoon is worthless for cutting, but in reality, it is an even better instrument for slicing than that elusive knife.


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