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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!

Auditors Find IRS Workers Prone to Hackers at Yahoo! News

Why do these people exist? Shouldn't they have been abducted as children by the creepy guy with candy in an unmarked white van? "Hey, I know I'm a stranger, but your mom sent me to pick you up." "OK..." Idiots!

I just can't believe some of the simple phishing tactics that people fall for. It gives me so much faith in our government. I swear, "Low Quality, Low Efficiency, High Cost" should be the government's fracking motto. Mission statement: "Our mission is to frack up as many people's lives as possible." It wouldn't be so bad if it were just their own identities and security they were breaching with their incompetence, but this is the fracking IRS! They keep track of people by SSN. That's phisherman's delight right there. Shooting phish in a barrel, for frack's sake.

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