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Disturbing Headlines / More Anigifs!

When you've been following the X-Prize race to space like I have, you get that terrible sinking feeling when you see a headline like Wash. State Team's Private Rocket Explodes. Thankfully, it was a low altitude test with dummies inside, not people. When you think back to the Orteig prize (which Charles Lindbergh won in The Spirit of St. Louis), which inspired the X-prize, a lot of pilots died trying to fly from New York to Paris. Now you can take that same trip any day of the week as thousands of people do every day. I'm surprised yet relieved that no one has been killed seeking this prize. The X-prize race is really an important one for opening up the "final frontier" to real human exploration. It's an exciting proposition.

I have a fan already! hhh_proprietor asked permission to use my coven gif on her webpage. Thanks! Anyone else want to become a fan? Check out the obnoxious Animated gif page, updated whenever I make a new one. I have three versions of the CatsPawsHR#.gif, and a userpic for flower76, and Spot yelling "Le'meow't" (Lemme out). I think I'm so cool...

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