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Sounds Like Someone's Got a Case of the Mondays...

What a sucktacular start to the week, and it's only been an hour and a half so far. First I was awoken in the middle of a dream. You know how it is. It makes you extra tired. Then, <sarcasm>oh, yay! It's snowing!</sarcasm> I get to work and my spillproof coffee mug has emptied itself into my bookbag, destoying my Discover mag that I haven't even had a chance to glance at, probably my headphones, the bag itself, and who knows what else. The only good luck I've had is that most of my electronics were in my purse, which is pretty water- (and coffee-)tight, so the Palm, my camera, and my phone were saved. Brlag!

Shit, I can't even speel blarg right. $@*%!

On the plus side, first song on LC was Just Like Heaven. That helps a bit.
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