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Work Woes

No, I decided to be magnanimous, and fair, I guess, and take over the SOPCU list for this week and have us alternate every week. SOPCU is the larger list, and Maria is very good at getting it done. Well, Monday was so busy that there was hardly time to get anything printed for the next day, and then yesterday was so busy and I was behind from no pre-printing, that I had nothing pre-done for today. Well, I got caught up today, and was about to get pre-started on the next day when the Electronic File Program froze up the print queue, and the system we use to print visit histories went down for updates (unannounced). So I'll have hardly anything done for tomorrow. I got the histories printed, but nothing else really. It's time to go.

I am thankful that I do have a job. Very thankful.
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