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Spring Is Nigh

American robinI didn't get on last night and forgot today, but yesterday on the way to my car after work I saw my first American (red-breasted) robin of the year, a traditional sign of Spring. Other symbols of the fertility that Spring represents are brightly colored blue robins' eggs and rabbits. Sound familiar?

I cherish Winter, but am greatful to see the sun more hours each day. It really helps with the seasonal affective disorder.

The moment of the equinox this year is 6:34am CST. I figure that if you happen to be about 20 miles west of Lincoln, NE (i.e., the middle of nowhere), you can enjoy the synchrony of the moment of the equinox and sunrise. My Colorado friends will get the sunrise a little after and we in Iowa and Minnesota and Wisconsin will get it a bit after. Aim, maybe we can average it out. :)

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