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  • Wed, 16:47: @FedEx I wanted to sign to leave a package at my door or even schedule delivery, but all those options were greyed out. :(
  • Wed, 17:00: I do hope they put it online. PS: squee! "@wilw: For those of you who don’t know what my new Syfy show is: http://t.co/6crY7o89Yv"
  • Wed, 17:11: Something I learned today: we have 14 operating rooms, numbered 1 thru 15. Yes, we're missing the one you think we are. #triskaidekaphobia
  • Wed, 17:14: Another thing I learned: A person infected with HIV will live for about 2-10 years. �1987. We're probably going to find a new AIDS video.
  • Wed, 17:17: I joke, but I really do love my new job. I can't wait until I'm proficient at it. The whole staff are friendly, and I'll be integral to it.
  • Wed, 17:22: RT @Robogeek: Spectacular female Gipsy Danger @PacificRim cosplay by Nona Neon: http://t.co/7PcpX2eOD1 via @FashionablyGeek http://t.co/ttU
  • Wed, 21:40: For the record, in the last 3 days I believe I have met more new people and said "good morning" more than I have in the last 3 years. #job
  • Wed, 21:48: .@twitter, any chance of adding "Translate"? I follow a few international astronauts & they don't always tweet in a language I understand.
  • Wed, 22:12: Me watching a commercial for Glee: This show's still on?
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Apr. 19th, 2014 03:11 pm (UTC)
I'm the new unit clerk in the OR. I'll be kind of in charge of scheduling, entering charges, prepping paperwork, faxes, phones, reports, and I'll also be transporting patients sometimes, and doing whatever the doctors and nurses need me to do. It's like a super secretary.
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