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  • Wed, 04:51: RT @foalpapers: Making me giggle this morning: @missmalindakat’s “Let it Go” Google Translate cover: https://t.co/PByxvLoyoz Brilliant. Gre…
  • Wed, 06:25: Weird. Twitter sent an email that my account was maybe compromised. I reset password, and don't see anything I didn't send in tweets or DMs.
  • Wed, 06:27: I like how they did it, though. Reset was easy, and better safe than sorry. I doubt my pw's could get guessed. I don't even know them.
  • Wed, 06:31: Maybe it was all the @ replying I was doing. Doesn't feel like more than usual. *shrug*
  • Wed, 06:37: Memo to myself: Today, while working in Catholic hospital, do not tell everyone you see that they "have something on their forehead."
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