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  • Sat, 16:20: Crap. I just listened to @SkepticsGuide play last week's noisy, and I knew what it was immediately. Why didn't I last week? WHYYYYYYYY?!
  • Sat, 17:53: The nice thing about the #NightVale mayoral race is that, unlike most politicians, neither of the candidates are two-faced.
  • Sat, 17:58: I was too tired to get up for MLP this morning, so I went back to sleep and dreamt the episode instead. Wonder how close I got. #NoSpoilers
  • Sat, 20:39: Just finished listening to Wizard of Oz (thx @audible_com). This is one of those stories where adaptations are better than the original.
  • Sun, 04:15: I saw the MLP episode w/ @alyankovic. It was literally better than I dreamed it could be. My dream of the episode was pretty epic, too.
  • Sun, 04:54: RT @Glinner: "We don't have a mobile gaming industry anymore. We have a mobile scamming industry." http://t.co/6CPR5CqB2o (HT @aral @baekda
  • Sun, 04:57: .@KingOfEight and I were just talking about Dungeon Keeper app. I said I hate games with in-app purchases. I had no idea it'd got so bad.
  • Sun, 05:08: As a #brony, it's easy to pick a team to root for in the Super Bowl this year: Broncos. But what if it were Colts vs Broncos? :O
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