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  • Sun, 17:43: Watching Enterprise episode "Carbon Creek," I've decided that "Vulcan Pool Shark" is the name of my Warren Zevon cover band. @paulandstorm
  • Sun, 20:48: The major plot point of this episode of Enterprise "Marauders" seems to be the same as that of "Blazing Saddles."
  • Sun, 21:19: Huh, they told the help child to stay hidden during their Booby Trap. I really expected him to become a Spanner in the Works.
  • Sun, 21:19: PS: send help, I am in TV Tropes.
  • Sun, 21:27: "Cold-weather gear, restraints, and phase pistols." Sounds like T'Pol and Mayweather are gonna have a fun time this episode!
  • Sun, 21:55: Yay, they captured Senator Kelly. Now he can't pass the anti-mutant legislation.
  • Sun, 23:14: I think Trip's impulse manifolds are bulimic as much as he purges them.
  • Sun, 23:55: I do kind of like how they don't use the transporter to deus ex machina all the time.
  • Mon, 00:24: This episode "Vanishing Point" reminds me a lot of the TNG episode "The Next Phase" and maybe a little of "Remember Me."
  • Mon, 02:32: The opening theme to Enterprise isn't a bad song, but I think it's a bad choice for a Star Trek theme. I much prefer the orchestral closing.
  • Mon, 03:43: This episode "Dawn" reminds me a bit of "Enemy Mine."
  • Mon, 04:00: I think that was a really good episode. The character-driven ones tend to be.
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