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Magic: the Movie

Well, everyone seems to be getting all nostalgic and digging out their old Magic cards or buying new ones, or trying to figure out what phasing is... I was reading mega_d's post about little cigarettes as a cessation program, and I was looking for a picture of Corbin Dallas (from The Fifth Element) smoking one of those cigarettes with the 80% filter. I didn't find that, but I did find a picture of a Magic card with Corbin on it, so I got curious. I found this site with made-up Magic cards with movie and TV show themes, as well as female celebrities. I thought the Michael Jackson card was hilarious, especially the part about it becoming a white creature! And check out the Simpsons themed "Worst Spell Ever" (at the bottom)!

PS: I still haven't dug out my cards, but I will probably do that shortly and stay up way too late rifling thru them. (See previous post.)
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