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  • Wed, 17:58: . @chebutykin Just heard the Ray Harryhausen docu is on @netflix. FYI
  • Thu, 01:01: Car barely starting. Stopped @Walmart; got new battery. Left; car wouldn't start. Went back in; bought cables. Jumped car w/ new battery.
  • Thu, 01:02: Also bought gloves that made my hands colder. #WTFUniverse?!
  • Thu, 01:05: I'm in such a bad mood. I bought a whole box of Nutty Bars. Tempted to eat them all. Choco and PB are my BFFs (Best Foods Forever).
  • Thu, 01:07: Oh, yeah. Happy Thanksgiving and Hannukah to the Unitedstatesians and Jews and Jewish Unitedstatesians. Shalom, and let's eat!
  • Thu, 01:12: It's weird how I use my phone for twitter when I'm at home. I hear the notification and check it on my computer.
  • Thu, 04:22: Oh my. This is so adorbz! http://t.co/oDKGefXYS0 Teddy bear with bow tie and anaglyph glasses in Borderlands 2.
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