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  • Mon, 22:20: I donated 145 days of cpu time to WCG during the past month http://t.co/xCRzEfEFrK #wcgrid
  • Mon, 22:47: I earned 10554208 points (#11289) and 17331 results (#11317) by donating over 12 years (#8959) of cpu time to WCG http://t.co/xCRzEfEFrK
  • Mon, 23:49: Drove to a dark sky location. Saw the Milky Way. Looked like glow worms in cobwebs hung from the vault of the sky. Breathtaking.
  • Tue, 00:00: Dear @GOP and esp. @tedcruz, plz accept my gift to you. It's a bag of dicks, the midnight snack of douchenozzles. Well done screwing us all.
  • Tue, 00:14: Also, unrelated, dirty looks for kids who break other kids' toys & blame the kids whose toys they broke for having "crappy toys anyway."
  • Tue, 00:17: Oh hey guys, I forgot: Stockholm Syndrome means I now want to have @tedcruz ' babies or something. It's okay, I'll get an abo- oh, right...
  • Tue, 00:31: "@BarackObama: The Affordable Care Act is moving forward. You can't shut it down." Can't stop the signal.
  • Tue, 05:13: #highlighting #symmetry Oh, yeah, @xkcd, that's the stuff. http://t.co/aQhG7KMBEf
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