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Pun Wars!

So Bob Saar came over and cooked us an awesome (literally) supper. Iowa pork chops a la Saar, fresh baby asparagus, mashed potatos. MMMMMmmmmmm...

Well, we were talking, and came around to puns again. I told him taht we used to have pun wars in college. Chris was challenged to come up with a pun in binary, but even his best effort was naught one. So I made up a double pun/joke.

There were these two Cubist Neanderthal artists having an argument. What happened? They squared off until one caved in.

Bob groaned and replied, "I like how you worked the caveman and the artist angle together. If you had a barnyard animal tell it, I would know what the pigment."

Then I groaned. Bob said, "What's the matter, was it un-palette-able?"

Oooooh. XD We were almost out of some of the spices and herbs he wanted. "So many puns, so little thyme."

Ok, I feel like an ass now. I'll stop while I'm behind. ;)
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