Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

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  • Wed, 13:53: I think I'm being pretty conservative with my @steam_games Summer Sale spending. Only $143 so far. OOF! 15 Games and lots of DLC, though. :D
  • Wed, 13:54: Maybe I should actually put a budget line item in for next year. ;P
  • Wed, 16:27: Just listened to the preroll of @GeorgeHrab's podcast #321. He is such an engaging storyteller. I was puckered, too, Geo.
  • Wed, 17:19: It feels like with the PS4/X-Box One that Microsoft and Sony are having a Freaky Friday experience. @thegeeklifetv
  • Thu, 02:35: Gonna see what all this Adventure Time hubbub is about. I blame @mikerugnetta for this.
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